SCNL's Board of Directors

SCNL is headed by a Board of Directors that is elected by a General Assembly of SCNL's members.  The General Assembly is held every year in March and the Board is elected for a two-year term.  The day-to-day running of the organisation is entrusted to a Secretariat, headed by an Executive Director appointed by the Board.  The Executive Director reports directly to the Board. 

The current members of the Board of Directors are:
  • Moses A. Massah, Chairperson.  Mr. Massah is the Energy & Environment Manager at the UNDP
  • Darlington S. Tuagben.  Hon. Tuagben is the Deputy Managing Director for Operations at the Forest Development Authority, Government of Liberia
  • Blamma Goll.  Mr. Goll is the Biodiversity, Conservation, Research Coordinator at the Forest Development Authority, Government of Liberia
  • Alexander L. Peal, Founder.  Mr. Peal is a Senior Conservationist in Liberia and the former Country Director for Conservation International-Liberia
  • Mary N. J. Weah.  Mrs. Weah is the Finance Manager at Fauna and Flora International - Liberia
  • John T. Woods.  Mr. Woods is a Professor in the School of Agriculture & Forestry at the University of Liberia & is the former Managing Director of the FDA