Wildlife in the GolaMA Forest

 Few studies have been completed on the fauna of the Gola forest outside the protected areas, but initial results show that there are several critically important forest corridors between the protected areas where similar fauna are found.

Thus, like the Gola Forest National Park, we expect the GolaMA Forest area to support many globally threatened mammals, including Forest Elephant, Pygmy Hippopotamus, Jentink’s Duiker, Zebra Duiker, Liberian Mongoose, Diana Monkey, Sooty Mangabey, Western Red Colobus and Western Chimpanzee. Several birds of conservation concern have also been recorded, such as White-Necked Picathartes and White-Breasted Guineafowl, as well as the globally endangered Gola Malimbe.  The latter is unique to Liberia and the three neighbouring countries and its numbers have dwindled to an estimated 6,000­–15,000 individuals.  The Gola area is thus critical to its survival.  

As part of the GolaMA Project, we will be doing baseline studies and biomonitoring to learn more about the wildlife of this area.